A campaign has been set up to bring home a Northfleet mum of five who is in intensive care in hospital after a jet ski accident in Turkey.

Ashleigh Donnelly, 31, was due to fly back to the UK from Marmaris on Monday (July 9) and decided to take on some watersports on her last day of holiday.

After hopping on the back of a jet ski, Mrs Donnelly claims she slipped off into the water and was sucked under the water. She was then hit by intense water pressure from the jet.

"I have been told it was with such force, it was like being hit by concrete," she told News Shopper in a message from her hospital bed.

When she was taken to hospital, Mrs Donnelly had 100 stitches to close up the 7 inch by 4 inch wound around her groin, which had split her rectum in two. She has also punctured her womb and her bowels.

With another operation scheduled, Mrs Donnelly has already racked up a £4,000 medical bill in the private hospital where she is receiving treatment.

After the accident, Mrs Donnelly realised her travel insurance did not cover watersports, and now will have to foot the bill for her recovery.

Mrs Donnelly's sister, Stacie Kelly, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help cover her medical bills and bring her home safely.

The page has already raised more than £600, but Mrs Donnelly's family believe they need to raise £26,000 to pay for the treatment she will need.

With her eldest son flying home from Turkey and her younger children staying with grandparents, Mrs Donnelly's family is pulling together to support her.

"It's going to be a long road to recovery," Miss Kelly said, adding there is a risk her sister might be in nappies for the rest of her life if the operation is unsuccessful.

Despite the injuries she has suffered, Mrs Donnelly said she is grateful to be alive.

"My babies still have a mum and my husband has his wife," she said.

The family will be holding a fundraising bar crawl at 5.30pm this evening (July 11) for Mrs Donnelly at The Wings Bar in Welling Football Ground.

Participants are asked to wear blue t shirts and give any money they can. The family will be carrying collection buckets.