A devastated Welling mum-of-two has allegedly been told by her housing association she is liable for damage to her flat caused by raw sewage.

Tanisha Anderson lives in Embassy Court, Welling High Street, with her two young boys, but was forced to evacuate when she found her flat covered in raw sewage.

The 26-year-old, who has lived in the block since she was 18, says she feels let down by Hyde Housing Group which runs the flats,

Tanisha said: "The attitude of Hyde towards me is very disheartening as they just don't care.

"It's more frustrating that we first reported the smell back in March so this could have been prevented if they had done the necessary repairs."

The mum sent a video to News Shopper to show the true horrors of the sewage leak.

Tanisha came home to find the whole flat flooded and faecal matter filling the bath and toilet on July 3, but she was told Hyde couldn't send anyone out for four hours.

She said: “I am helpless and heartbroken as I couldn't do anything to stop it and my kids were there breathing it in and seeing their home get ruined."

She said she has now been told by Hyde that she is liable for the damage to any furniture.

Tanisha said: "Since it happened Hyde have been saying the flat will be environmentally cleaned and decontaminated but this still hasn't happened and Hyde are not updating me or returning my calls."

She added that she and another family have not been allowed back into their homes.

"They finally booked me into a hotel Wednesday night until Monday at 12pm but didn't put my two kids on the booking," she said.

"They are trying to rehouse me temporarily but only have a two-bed house available which isn't ideal as I'm an amputee."

Linda Colburn, property director for Hyde, said: "We are really sorry that residents of Embassy Court were affected by an unpleasant sewage issue earlier this week. This was caused by Thames Water, who have now rectified the problem.

"Our contractors and environmental health were on site immediately and undertook a clean-up of the car park area. We are keeping all residents informed of these works and also reminding them not to flush items including oil and wet wipes down the toilet.

"We are working with contractors to fix the lift and resolve issues with access to the building as soon as possible, and apologise to residents for the delay."