A single mum from Sidcup who earns £8,000 per year has been hit with a huge fine for dropping a receipt two years ago.

Anna Kaczmarczy, 28, of Stafford Road, has had her fine rise to £728 from £80 after littering outside Primark in Bexleyheath.

Bailiffs have now knocked on her door demanding she pay up before they remove valuables.

The young mum, who is originally from Poland, maintains that she dropped the receipt by accident and intended to pick it up.

After the litter offence, Ms Kaczmarczyk tried to explain to a warden that she was about to bend down to reclaim the receipt.

Ms Kaczmarczyk received a removal notice from Marston Holdings on June 28 this year reminding her that she owed a fine of £728.

Kasia, the woman’s sister, spoke to News Shopper about her sister’s ordeal.

She said: “She ignored letters because she didn’t think it was genuine. She is not in a position to pay this.

“She works part time in a sales shop and it is impossible for her. I’m earning slightly more than her but I am a single mum as well.

“I spoke to her and she barely remembers this happening. We are genuinely good people and we are suffering.

“My sister is very polite and the warden could have asked her to pick it up instead of this situation.”

News Shopper tried to contact the bailiffs to get more information but did not get a response.

A spokesman for Bexley Council said: “Following the issuing of the fixed penalty notice for littering this lady was sent at least two reminder letters. She was also sent a form on which to enter a guilty or not guilty plea and flag up any mitigating circumstances.

“The Court has indicated that this lady pleaded guilty to the criminal offence of littering. This means that she indicated in writing on the form that she was guilty and sent this form back to the court.

“If she had felt that the court had made an error in convicting her without her knowledge she could have made a statutory declaration via the court system.

The initial fine, authorised by Kingdom Security, was £80, but Ms Kaczmarczyk ignored the letters, apparently because of a language barrier.

One of the letters sent to Ms Kaczmarczyk read: “On 25 November 2016, outside Primark, Broadway, Bexleyheath, an authorised officer at Bexley Council witnessed/gathered evidence of Depositing litter and a fixed penalty notice issued.”

The letter went on to say: “To avoid prosecution for the offence of Depositing litter you can pay a fixed panlty of £80 by 26 December 2016."

Ms Kaczmarczyk denies indicating pleading guilty.