At nine years old Jonathan Andrews would go into his grandparents' butchers to work after school.

“Those were some of my favourite ever times,” Jonathan, now 49, told News Shopper. "I used to scrub the fridges and vans on Saturdays."

Andrews of Bromley, on Burnt Ash Lane, was set up in 1948 and is this year celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Jonathan said: “I still love it and get up at 4.30am every morning and don’t finish until 6.30pm.

“We still have a good community spirit here that a lot of places don’t have. We have been going as long as the NHS, which is incredible.”

The current owner said there were dozens of butchers in Bromley when his grandad set up the business in 1948.

“It is sad there are only three or four now,” he added. “But touch wood we will be here for another 70 years, who knows.

"I have three sons and I am hoping one of them will come into it, but they are not old enough at the moment."

Jonathan left school just before his 16th birthday to attend Smithfield College to study butchery.

He has worked in his grandads shop ever since and has seen generations come and go.

He reflected: “I remember customers being born and now they come in with their children. That’s how long I can remember.

“One customer remembers my Nan and grandad being in the shop when it first opened.”

To celebrate the big milestone, Jonathan is holding a community day on July 14 where there will be live music and a barbecue.

A bucket will be placed at the front of the shop to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Reflecting on his favourite memories, Jonathan said: “There have been so many great ones. Christmas is always fun, hard work but great with the big queues outside the shop and everyone is jolly.”