Greenwich Council, in an attempt to crack down on future phallic graffiti painted with bike tyres, has announced it will crack down on mopeds in parks.

The unimaginatively named campaign “Let’s stop Mopeds and Motorbikes in our parks” is trying to clamp down on these vehicles being driven across parks in the borough,

A group of moped riders drew Plumstead’s version of the Nazca Lines by sketching out a giant penis into the grass at Rockcliffe Gardens earlier this year.

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Residents saw the funny side of it, taking greater issue with the relative lack of artistic effort, but it was something that greatly annoyed the council.

At the time councillor Jackie Smith, cabinet member for community safety and environment, said: “We have worked hard with local residents to restore the gardens so this vandalism carried out by a moped or motorbike rider is a massively disappointing to both the Council and community.”

Continued concerns raised by residents has prompted the council to push forward with this campaign, bringing in town centre wardens and the local police to tackle this issue of illegal bike riding.

One success, brought about thanks to information from residents and a van hire company, had three vans stopped at Harmony Woods in Eltham and found to contain 11 motorbikes.

The van drivers were advised they are not allowed to ride on council land and if they do their bikes will be seized and crushed. So far these riders have not returned to the park however three other motorbikes have been seized in the area around Harmony Woods.

Councillor Miranda Williams said: “We will not tolerate potentially highly dangerous illegal motorbike riding in our treasured parks and open spaces and we are grateful for all the help we have received from residents and businesses in our quest to clampdown on this.

“Moped and motorbike riding in parks can cause a huge amount of environmental damage and it is hugely intimidating to park users.

“We know that the illegal activity is often associated with other types of anti-social behaviour and moped related crime, which has increased across the capital.”