We’re continuing with our series of profiles on News Shopper Camera Club photographers.

This week it’s the turn of Denis Sharpington from Avery Hill to answer our questions.

Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

I read an article by Australian photographer Amy Renfrew explaining the ins and outs of basic photography and decided to get a cheap camera and start.

How long have you been taking pictures for?

All in all, about five years.

What is your speciality or what you do enjoy photographing the most, and why?

The moon, aviation, landscapes and wildlife mostly but basically anything that I see as making an interesting final image.

Are you trying to express yourself or make a point with your photography, or is it just for fun?

I would say 'serious fun’.

News Shopper: Photo by Denis Sharpington

What’s the story behind your favourite photo?

I don't really have a favourite as such. Each of my images has its own memories but the Fjords of Norway early morn comes very close.

What post-production treatment do you give your photos i.e Do you use any software?

PhotoShop CS 2018.

Do you have any advice for budding photographers?

Be patient, try various settings while taking the same image over and over again, take notes and compare your shots, discard what you don't like. Not only do you arrive with good shots but you get to understand your camera a lot quicker. Lastly, don't be disappointed if you miss something, a better shot is always waiting somewhere.

Is there anything you’ve not photographed yet which you’d love to capture one day?

Wildlife in the Arctic.

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