Police in Eltham are patrolling Avery Hill Park after a group of friends alleged being abused and threatened by a group of knife-wielding teenagers.

Jess Navin was walking in the park on Sunday evening (June 24) at around 9pm with her friends, just planning to play catch, when the group spotted them.

Writing on the Eltham, SE9 Facebook group, she said: "We as two couples walked through the park while being shouted abuse at by two individuals from the group, surrounding us and making sexual remarks towards me and my friend.

"One then picked up a bottle to hit my friend with and the other brought out a knife, which resulted in a fight between the boys.

"Only two physically attacked us. The other ten or so were sitting behind the bush to the left on a table calmly just calling stuff out.

"They then followed us with the group through the whole park as we tried to get to the road."

Jess and her friends were able to contact the authorities and soon police were on the scene.

She said: "They followed us spread out across the field all the way to butterfly lane from the park where armed police were waiting for us.

"The others actually asked him not to use the knife but he was literally foaming at the mouth begging us to come at him and throwing bottles at my partner."

Eltham South police has said officers will be in the park patrolling, while Jess said it's the second time this week she has seen something like that happen.

The Eltham South police Twitter account posted: "We are aware of a post on Facebook around a group of youths in Avery Hill Park who have threatened a group and a knife was seen.

"We will be in the park patrolling, we will be holding a short notice surgery today in the Avery Hill Park Café.

"We request any knowledge of who these youths are to be passed to us either via our DM, @MetCC or via @CrimestoppersUK - we will deal robustly with anyone found to be involved."