Lewisham police have said there are “just not enough of us” to handle the amount of crime in the borough.

The borough police’s Twitter account tweeted in frustration after a raft of crime in the borough overnight on June 23.

Tweeting early on Sunday morning, Lewisham MPs wrote: “Tough night last night for Response Team D.

“We had several incidents of officers calling for urgent assistance, officers injured, a serious sexual assault and two knives taken from the streets.

“Suspects arrested for all of these. Just not enough of us last night.”

Later on it tweeted: “Forgot to mention, there was also a serious stabbing too!”

A number of people responded with messages of support as well as being angry at the lack of staff at the Lewisham police.

Woolwich Riverside Neighbourhood Watch tweeted: “Well done with what was obviously a difficult night. Thank you for your service and your dedication for getting the job done despite being understaffed.”

The tweet comes in the wake of rising violent crime levels in London and Met Police saying they are required to continue making cuts.

Greenwich, Bexley and Lewisham police commands are being merged into one gradually over the course of this year, with the Met Police saying it must make these changes as they face a “significant financial challenge”.

The Met must cut £325m by 2021/22, with officer numbers falling 30,000 in April and to continue falling until 2021.

It is not the first time Lewisham MPS has tweeted their frustration not having the time or staff to fight crime.

In September last year Lewisham Police were slammed for their tweet saying they "don't have time to fight crime" due to dealing with mental health issues and missing people.