A teenage boy who was reportedly harassing pregnant women in Eltham has been caught by police.

Multiple women over the course of the past few months have posted on social media about how a boy has approached them near to the Mothercare store.

The stories were all very similar. The boy, usually wearing school uniform, would approach them and ask if they were pregnant.

He would then ask them a series of questions about pregnancy symptoms, such as swollen feet, before asking to touch their belly.

Other women also said the boy in question had approached them and been “touching pregnant women’s bottoms”.

Police started investigating and earlier today (June 19) announced that they had caught the perpetrator.

Eltham North Police tweeted: “Today we located and identified the schoolboy who was approaching pregnant females in Eltham High Street.

“He has been taken home, parents spoken to regarding the concerns his actions have caused and report passed to social services. Please continue to report any future incidents.”