A sword-swallower has issued a plea after her bag full of custom-made costumes was stolen from her van in Dartford.

Danielle D'Ville is a performer who, on top of swallowing swords and razor blades, does death-defying stunts with swords, daggers and a bed of nails.

However her touring has been cut short after a bag with all of her costumes was stolen in a van parked in Spring Vale South last Wednesday (June 13).

For Danielle it is crushing as she cannot hold her performances without them

She said: "I’m a seven times Guinness World Record holding circus and variety entertainer and these costumes are my livelihood, I can not make a living without them.

"The costumes have cost me a fortune as they have been specially made to fit me but they are of no value at all to anyone else.

"I have lots of shows coming up and no costumes to wear."

The flashy costumes were all stored inside a large black rucksack and stolen over night from the van.

Some of the items stolen include rhinestone bras, rhinestone corset, velvet tailcoat, glitter dance shoes, head dresses, velvet corset, belly dance sequin belts and many more.

Danielle is so desperate to find them that she is offering a £100 reward to anyone who finds them, no questions asked.