The day is coming when swarms of flying ants will fill the sky and thoroughly annoy the people of London.

The flying bugs have gotten so bad in the past that Wimbledon tennis games had to be called off.

Flying Ant Day is when queen ants and males grow wings to mate in midair.

Technically Flying Ant Day can cover the period of four to five days, depending on the weather.

It usually happens in July but a sudden batch of hot weather means flying ants can start to appear much earlier.

Plus as soon as one goes, the rest tend to follow.

Why do ants sprout wings? Well, A queen ant needs to leave the colony where she is born to found a new one.

She also needs to mate so she leaves her nest with a number of flying male worker ants.

According to the Royal Society of Biology, the large numbers of flying ants which appear in a short space of time increase the chance of reproduction, because there is a very high chance a queen will encounter a male from another nest.

Then, to check he's worthy. she flies away from him, performing acrobatics to test his abilities to catch her. When he does they mate in mid-air. This kills the male ant.

The queen then lands to find somewhere to start a new colony. She loses her wings after just one day.

Ants only sprout wings when there is little chance of rain and the weather is nice and warm.