A Woolwich council worker who went into a coma after a freak accident on holiday has miraculously almost made a full recovery.

This time last year Joshua 'Dodi' Ahmed was in Cyprus with his friends when a parasailing accident knocked him out.

“I don’t fully recall anything from that day other than a pole breaking off the boat and flying straight into my face,” Dodi told News Shopper.

“Originally I was in a coma for the first six weeks I believe, my memory has been fragmented.

“I don’t remember the surgery but I remember nurses walking on by while I screamed in pain and I didn’t fully realise I had a huge chunk of bone removed from my skull.”

Thanks to a fundraiser promoted by News Shopper, Dodi’s family was able to travel to Cyprus to see him when he was in a coma and going through surgery.

For Dodi the recovery has been difficult. He had to go back to work early because he couldn’t afford not to.

He told News Shopper: “I ran out of sick pay and I had to force myself back into work against my better judgement to stop me going into half pay.

“It’s the complicated way the council does its sickness, it means you only get so many months of sick pay before they make you go on half pay which I couldn’t afford because of my house.”

Now Dodi is looking for more financial help. He was able to return back to work but his injury means he can’t do the same work he used to do.

He said: “I am office-bound forever now because originally I worked outside for warden service but because of all the violent types of people we have to approach around the borough.

“The occupational health doctor last week said I will have to change my job. This advice is to avoid serious injury or death.

“I am still in pain every day but just glad to be alive and walking.

“I have only had one donor and I am not sure how to ask for help I have always been self-sufficient.

“This was one of the reasons why I didn't want to do it in the first place because I didn’t know if people will pay into a fund for a grown man, I am not a debilitated child so I just couldn’t see people paying.”

If you would like to help Dodi, you can do so at gofundme.com/helpdodicosts.