Worried tenants of a tower block in Lewisham have claimed fire alarms did not sound after an early morning blaze.

Fire broke out on the 13th floor at the 20-storey block in Elmira Street shortly after 4am on Thursday (June 14).

More than 50 firefighters tackled the fire as around 150 people evacuated the building.

One resident, who did not want to be identified, told News Shopper: "It wasn't very pleasant.

"I woke up at quarter to five as normal. I thought I heard a vacuum cleaner.

"I went to the spare window and looked out my window. I could see loads of fire engines down beneath by flat and lots of police.

"No fire alarms were going off at all. I realised I had to get out of there and I threw some clothes off and went onto the landing."

He was eventually escorted to safety by two firefighters who led him down the emergency escape.

London Fire Brigade said no injuries were reported.

Some tenants quickly took to Twitter to express concerns over fire alarms supposedly not going off.

News Shopper contacted the operators of the building, Barratt Homes, to ask about the fire alarms.

A spokesman replied: “A fire occurred in a single apartment at the Roma Corte building early this morning, it was extinguished safely and quickly without any injuries.

“Heat and smoke detectors and sprinklers are present in all apartments. Full fire safety procedures in the building were followed successfully and we would like to thank the London Fire Brigade who responded swiftly.

“All residents have now returned to the building and we are conducting an investigation.”