A man from Tunbridge Wells has been jailed for 21 years after stabbing a 19-year-old autistic man to death in Blackheath.

Paul Akinnuoye was convicted of murder at the Old Bailey in February for killing Jordan Wright, a college graduate who was about to start an apprenticeship, by stabbing him in the chest after a WhatsApp argument.

Emergency services were called to Hervey Road in Blackheath on April 19, 2017. Jordan was found badly wounded and later died in hospital.

Police believe the two were not friends, but became embroiled in a spat in a group chat on WhatsApp which led to them organising a fight to settle their dispute.

CCTV footage leading up to the event showed Akkinuoye being held back from Jordan in a confrontation. When a fight broke out, Jordan was stabbed in the chest. He collapsed at the entrance to a park on Begbie Road, where he said: "I feel unwell."

Residents in the area found Jordan and called emergency services while giving him first aid. He died at 9.24pm in Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

After Akinnuoye was first arrested, he gave "no comment" answers when questioned by police. Police eventually managed to find the knife that had been used to kill Jordan, which led back to Akinnuoye. He was charged with murder on September 1, 2017.

DI Jo Sideway, investigating the murder, said: "This murder left Jordan's family devastated and was a big shock to the local community; seemingly over a minor dispute between two young men.

"While nothing will ever make up for this needless loss of life, I hope that today's sentencing will bring some closure for his loved ones."

In a victim impact statement given to the court, Jordan's mother, Katharine Alade, said the grief over her son's death had almost driven her to suicide.

She added that Jordan was a "gift" to her life, and that his autism had challenged him, but had given him an "innocent" outlook on life.

Jordan's father, Neville Wright, said: "Jordan was my son, his death has changed my life forever. He was very loving, funny and a very caring person, as well as a very popular person.

"I think of him every day - of what he would have achieved in life - he is gone, but not forgotten."