A former teacher at an Orpington primary school is helping to reunite pupils 50 years after they left.

John Barnes, 84, taught Class 4B at Tubbenden Primary School in 1967/68.

“I was a young man when I taught them,” he told News Shopper.

Half a century later, Mr Barnes and former pupils are trying to organise a big reunion to celebrate the anniversary.

So far 18 out of 35 pupils have been found but help is needed to find the remaining 17.

The reunion will take place at the school in Sandy Bury, Orpington on September 22.

Mr Barnes said: “We also invite any others who were in the same year group, that is those in Mrs Hampton’s class 4H and in Mrs Fisher’s class 4F in the school year 1967-68.

“Mrs Hampton has been invited to come but we do not know where Mrs Pam Fisher is living. Help in finding her and in finding Mr David Holmes, the teacher in charge of music, would also be appreciated.”

Below is a list of names of pupils who attended the school who have not yet been found:

Leslie Champion

John Cole

David Gray

Kathy Hunter

Stephen Johnson

Robert King

David Knight (worked in the Boundary Garage at one stage)

Angela Nolde

Simon Radford (was a Fireman)

Ian Rawley

Stephen Relph

Rebecca Sibbald (last known to be living in Berkshire)

Michael Stroud

Elizabeth Theaker (was or is now Wilson, last known living in Cheshire)

Stella Winder (was or is now Flanders, last known living in Petts Wood 12 years ago)

David Wyndham (went into Forensic Science)

Julie Young

Do you recognise any of the names? If so, you can email john4bells@waitrose.com if you have any information.