A disabled man whose carer has been fined for using a parking space outside his home in Woolwich says he has been treated "totally unfairly".

Paul Selafia, 56, moved into the Trinity Walk housing development in January and since then his carer has been slapped with four £80 fines after parking in another tenant's space to tend to him.

As his helper is a private carer, Mr Selafia has had to foot the bill for the fines.

When he first moved in, Mr Selafia claims he was told disabled people living in the new building would be given parking spaces first, but he was not given one.

He claims this means there is nowhere else for his carer to park when he visits, as Mr Selafia can only walk a short distance.

Mr Selafia, who suffers from degenerative arthritis, says he desperately relies on the carer to visit him and take him to hospital appointments.

"Some mornings I need help just getting out of bed. I need [my carer] to park close to the building," he told News Shopper.

Mr Selafia also believes many people who do use the spaces are not registered disabled, so his carer should be allowed to park there.

"It's totally unfair. People don't require this parking place for their physical needs."

When he complained to the site manager, PA Housing, he was allegedly told he should apply for a Blue Badge, but Mr Selafia said this will take six to eight months to arrive.

He also claims he asked for temporary parking, but was told no.

A spokeswoman for PA Housing has said the site manager will look into his case to help him with his parking issue.

She said: "There is only a small number of parking spaces for these flats but anyone in one of the flats allocated for disabled residents is entitled to a parking space.

"Those flats have been offered to applicants who were recommended by the local council. After exhausting those in need of adaptations the council nominated general needs applicants for a few of the properties, so not all customers in the flats are disabled or in need of parking spaces.

"At the time parking spaces were allocated we asked for vehicle details so that the parking could be managed effectively.

"It is handled by a managing agent who also arranges enforcement action when unrecognised vehicles use the spaces.

"If the man contacts us and gives us details of his carer's car and vehicle number we can contact the agent to let them know that the space is required."