Forget about the usual Jaffa Cake debate, there’s a new flavour in town and we’re not sure if it is genius or gross.

McVitie's has announced the brand new flavour just in time for summer, a zesty treat for loyal fans.

There will now be a lemon and lime flavour jaffa cake gracing the shelves in both Sainsbury’s and Tesco at 99p a box.

Long gone are the days of whether it’s a cake or a biscuit*, now do you choose the original orange or lemon and lime?

News Shopper:

The new flavour was originally available as a Halloween special last October, and has now been brought back permanently.

So what do you think? Fancy trying something a little bit different?

* Chef Jamie Oliver says jaffa cakes are cakes not biscuits, a view which 77 per cent of readers agreed with when we covered this burning question before. McVitie’s insists they are cakes too.