The head of a cat has been found in the playground of a school for autistic children in Downham.

Teachers made the grim discovery on Tuesday (June 12) morning at Drumbeat School in Roundtable Road.

A spokesman for the school told News Shopper: “We came into school and there was a head of a cat in the playground.

“We checked the CCTV and it showed that it had been brought in by a fox.”

The RSPCA is believed to be working with police after being called to the school.

It is unknown whether the incident is being related to the infamous Croydon Cat Killer.

Boudicca Rising, of South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), said the incident was not reported to them.

She added: “Unfortunately if the body was moved it could have come from anywhere inside or outside the school and if it wasn’t examined, it could be anything from a road accident, to a human-related incident to a predation.

“All we can do is ask people to contact us when incidents occur so we can make sure they are properly looked at.”

SNARL has been investigating the cat killer since 2016, with more than 300 animal mutilations reported.

The To Catch A Cat Killer documentary was broadcast on TV last month, showing members of SNARL as they travelled to crime scenes.

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