A thug from Biggin Hill has been jailed for six years after stabbing a man at a pub in Whitstable.

Jonathan Lawlor, 37, of Glovers Close, was also given an extended three years to be served on license when he sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, attempted wounding and possessing a knife after the incident last September.

Lawlor was drinking in the pub in Sea Street with his partner when the victim, a 34-year-old man, walked in with some friends.

When Lawlor was thrown out of the pub by staff, he lashed out and attacked the victim with a knife.

The victim initially thought he had been punched, but noticed he was bleeding and then realised he had been stabbed under his armpit.

Six days later, the victim was in a pub in Faversham with his family when Lawlor walked in.

The victim recognised him immediately and left, noting the registration number of Lawlor's car. He then called the police.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Steve East said: "Lawlor was captured on the pub’s CCTV producing a folding knife from his coat pocket, opening and closing it and then re-concealing it.

"No arguments or disagreements took place between the victim’s group of friends and the defendant. But when a member of staff asked Lawlor to leave he launched an unprovoked attack on the victim, striking him with the knife under his right armpit.

"When a friend of the victim stepped between the two men, Lawlor swung wildly at his head. Fortunately the blow missed and Lawlor was removed from the pub."

He added: "This incident could have been far more serious as the blow would have struck the centre of the victim’s chest had he not turned away when Lawlor threw a fist at him, a fist that contained a knife with the blade exposed.

"Violent crime is never acceptable and the fact that this was a completely unprovoked attack makes it all the more serious.

"I hope that Lawlor’s lengthy prison sentence will give him time to reflect on his actions."