Bird lovers assemble, as the RSPB is recruiting for volunteer "swift surveyors" from across Bromley to look for swifts in their area.

The organisation has already signed up more than 100 volunteers covering two thirds of the borough to track sightings of the bird.

As sightings are recorded, they will be tracked in a map of Bromley to show where the species is thriving.

David Hampson, leader of the RSPB Bromley Local Group, said: “Swifts are truly Olympian birds. They tear through our skies at astonishing speeds and travel huge distances, spending their summers in Britain and their winters in southern Africa.

"In their lifetime they fly a distance that is equal to the moon and back – five times!"

According to Mr Hampson, the species has been in decline for the last few decades, with numbers falling by more than half since 1995.

It is thought that one of the reasons for the decline is that old nesting spaces are being taken over by new building works and renovations.

He has encouraged people in Bromley to help save the swifts in the area, by installing swift bricks or boxes in buildings.

To mark Swift Awareness Week, which runs from June 16 to June 23, the RSPB has organised two free guided swift walks in Beckenham, where swifts are doing well.

The walks will be held on June 18 and 21, from 8-9pm. The meeting place is at the entrance to Crease Park in Wellhouse Road.

To take part in the project to save the swifts, you can call 07392790719.