Demi Lovato said the goodwill of her fans "made me cry" after they sand her get well soon songs outside The O2.

The star was forced to cancel her planned gig at the iconic Greenwich arena due to illness hours before it was set to begin yesterday night (June 10).

She tweeted that because she had swollen vocal chords, she would have to cancel that night because she was in risk of having to cancel her whole tour if she damaged them further.

Her fans appeared to have forgiven her though and showed it by organising a singalong outside the O2.

They sang the music star's song Skyscraper while holding up a "get well soon" sign.

The Twitter video received almost 1,000 retweets and was seen by the star herself.

Lovato tweeted: "My fans are seriously the best. I can’t believe how much love and support I’ve received today. The video of my fans singing skyscraper outside of the venue made me cry."