A Beckenham mum has described how she manages to balance her personal life with being a bikini and fitness champion.

Anca Nicole Ward, 35, first became involved in the sport whilst watching it online, and now, she is determined to inspire others with the same positive attitude she has gained from participating in the sport.

“The minute I start working out, it is my therapy.

“You look good and feel good. To be honest, you feel like a hundred million dollars.” she said

Anca is able to fit her schedule around being a mum of two boys through her “great family support network”, and schedules her training around the school run.

“After the school run, I’ll take an hour and a half to myself and train. Once I plug in my music and have my water bottle, I’m in the right frame of mind, and off I go.”

Training for at least five days a week, Anca eats a 2,500 calorie per day diet, full of carbohydrates and protein.

But it isn’t all discipline for the Pure Elite and Bikini Pro champion. As a reward for her gruelling schedule, Anya sometimes treats herself to the things she “craves” before returning to a healthy diet.

Now, Anca plans to take a year out from competing in order to focus on her nutrition and personal fitness course.

“I’ll be taking a year out in order to complete my nutrition and personal fitness qualification. I want to help train young girls how to take care of themselves, how to be strong not excessively skinny, and how to take care of their health.” she told News Shopper.

When she returns to the sporting arena, Anca will be competing at the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion event, described as the “Bugatti” of the championships.

“The sport is extremely glamorous, but the road to the stage is very boring. You have to be very disciplined and really commit yourself 100% to what you are doing.

“If you enjoy it, it is very rewarding.”

Anca isn’t sure what the future will bring in terms of competing. Right now, she is focused on gaining her qualification, but her determination is clear:

“I just want to go on that stage and be myself. I don’t have to prove anything. All I know is that I’ll just go with the flow and see where it takes me.”