This photo from News Shopper’s new nostalgia group shows young children in Bromley back in 1961.

The picture taken in June of that year, and shared by group member Les Mansfield, is of boys and girls from St Joseph's School and Holy Trinity Convent in Plaistow Lane following their first holy communion.

Do you recognise anyone such as a parent or grandparent in the photo? Perhaps you’re even in the picture yourself? If you’ve got a story to a share after seeing this photo, do please get in touch.

And if you’ve got any old photos of the area or from your own school days, we’d love to see them.

You can either email images to us or share in the News Shopper Nostalgia Group on Facebook.

Our nostalgia group is a place for people to share their photos and memories of south-east London and north Kent.

The aim is to provide a platform for fond reminiscences on our local places as they used to be, including where people grew up, studied, worked and enjoyed their leisure time.

Focusing on the period from the 1950s to the 2000s, it is somewhere to discuss the people, events, pubs, shops, schools, sports clubs, fashions, crazes and everything else warmly remembered from years gone by.