Met Police spent more than £45,000 policing the funeral of stabbed burglar Henry Vincent.

The 37-year-old career criminal, who was fatally stabbed by a pensioner during a botched burglary in Hither Green, had a funeral in St Mary Cray on May 3.

Tensions bubbled over during the funeral as the death became a tension point between supporters of Richard Osborn-Brooks, the 78-year-old man who stabbed the intruder, and the family of Henry.

The funeral procession had people hanging out of windows flicking V-signs, throwing eggs at passers-by across the River Cray, and one arrest.

Police officer costs amounted to £44,643.39 according to Met Police and this does not include costs such as police helicopters.

A spokesperson from Met Police said: “The proportionate policing plan for the funeral of Henry Vincent was based on the considered judgement of an experienced command team after examination of the intelligence with respect to the risk to public safety and the potential risk of disorder, and to minimise disruption to local communities and traffic in the area.

“Officers were drawn from central aid and were utilised alongside local borough officers who were already in the area on normal policing duties.”

The weeks following the death of Henry and arrest and subsequent release of Osborn-Brooks saw tensions frayed in the community in Hither Green.

Tributes laid to the dead burglar by his family were repeatedly torn down by neighbours and protestors and rumours started that the funeral procession would pass by the home where he was killed.

Osborn-Brooks and his wife did not return to their home after the incident and indicated they intended to sell it.