The row over a so-called toxic port in Greenwich is rumbling on after the Mayor of London urged the new council to “do the right thing”.

The controversial port has caused headaches for the council since it was given the green light in 2015, with one campaign going as far as the high court.

Sadiq Khan was quizzed over the environmental impact of Enderby Wharf at a meeting at City Hall yesterday, May 22, after months of grassroots campaigning.

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem Assembly Member, pressed the Mayor over why the controversial port had been left out of his environmental strategy.

The member said it was odd it had been left out considering one ship docked there could emit the same pollution as more than 600 lorries.

She said to the Mayor: “Two years ago you stated that neither the council nor the residents or the local businesses want this massive cruise liner putting out bad fumes, I look forward to working with them to see if we can get some resolution. What have you done on this issue?”

The port was signed off by Greenwich Council in 2015, and backed at the time by the incoming leader Danny Thorpe.

Sadiq Khan said: “I still have concerns about Enderby Wharf. It’s a local council issue, unless you are suggesting I take power away from councils, which I can’t do. The local council gave permission for the wharf and I expressed my concern about this.

“It’s a Port of London Authority and a council matter. I have been talking to all the relevant parties over the years and I will not stop talking to them.

“I will meet the new council leader shortly to discuss my concerns around this because it will lead to all sorts of problems in relation to generators, the residents nearby, those who are on cruise ships as well.

“This hopefully is an example of us using the bullet of City Hall to persuade people to do the right thing. I was surprised as you were when I saw this permission was granted, but I’m hoping the new leader will understand the concerns of City Hall on a cross-party basis.”

A revised campaign, No Toxic Cruise Port for London, has a petition that has been backed by more than 6,000 people calling for on-shore power to be made mandatory for the ships which dock there.

The campaign has been backed by residents, MPs and Labour councillors, splitting the group over the proposed wharf.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “It was clear from the Mayor’s comments today that he thinks Enderby Wharf is bad for London’s air and is concerned about the issue, as are all groups at the London Assembly.

“We were delighted to hear the Mayor say he will be meeting with the new leader of Greenwich Council shortly and we believe that this is  absolutely key to finding a way out of the current impasse.

“We hope the Mayor can also use his influence to encourage the developers of the site to come to the table with a solution and that ultimately common sense will prevail.”

The wharf has reportedly been put up for sale by bank Morgan Stanley, which has permission for almost 500 homes as well as the “toxic port”.

Incoming Greenwich Council leader Danny Thorpe said: “I am looking forward to meeting the London Mayor and discussing a range of issues with him and his team.”