A Bickley mum says her family life has been affected by the new train timetable.

Dena Frost, 44, said commuters in Bickley “have been a little bit shafted” since the introduction of the new Southern, Southeastern and Govia Thameslink Railway timetable on Sunday, May 20.

Before the major timetable change, Dena travelled on the 8.23am train to London Victoria from Bickley.

However, she must now hop on the 8.07am before changing at Bromley South, which means leaving earlier before her kids need to go to school.

She told News Shopper: “Normally I like seeing the children out the door first thing in the morning and get locked up and get the alarms on.

“But I was kicking my 11-year-old son out the door this morning.”

She added: “I have to bust my gut every morning to get the train. I got to work yesterday at 9.40am. I was so late.

“Why did they get rid of the 8.23? It was such a good service and I got in before 9am."

The mum of two children, aged 11 and 14, works in Hyde Park for a wealth management company.

She claims many people in Bickley are complaining about the changes.

“I feel like such an old moaner,” she laughed. “It just doesn’t fit my time schedule. It is nice seeing them off to school.

“I know there are more trains going to the city but this is having a negative impact on Bickley commuters, but maybe I'm just being selfish.”

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