The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is this weekend and it is estimated that the taxpayer is spending £32 million on the event.

Harry and Meghan’s wedding is set to take place at Windsor Castle this Saturday at 12pm and it is expected to be the most watched event of 2018.

It is reported that the average wedding for those of us not lucky enough to marry a prince or princess is around £23,000, so these figures might make your eyes water a little.

Bride book has estimated that all in all the day will cost around £32 million and has broken it all down to show what will cost the most.

A massive £30 million is estimated for security alone, and honestly who can blame them.

Around 800 guests will be attending the church followed by an evening reception of just 600. Harry and Meghan have also invited 2,640 members of the public to join them in Windsor Castle.

Luckily Windsor Castle is a pretty important venue to the Royal Family, but the glass marquee at St George’s Great Hall will cost around £300,000, plus the catering, security and staff.

The catering costs are most likely to be split between the lunch reception and the dinner reception. Most top London caterers charge £100 per guest for lunch and £300 for dinner.

Then if you add in the 2,640 members of public who will receive tea and a snack, the catering should come to about £286,000.

What else?

Drink - £193,000

Dress - £300k+

Filming and photography - £17,000

Cake - £50,000 

Music - £300,000

Trumpets - £90,000

Wedding Rings - £6,000

Bridesmaids outfits - £5,000

Flower girl and page boys outfits - £1,698

Church fees - £175

Hair and Makeup - £10,000

Entertainment - £55,000

Toilets - £35,000

The Honeymoon - £120,000

There are of course more to add to this list but they are the fairly minor things compared to these.