The daughter of a 62-year-old Orpington man has said her family is "running out of time" to get her father the kidney transplant he desperately needs.

Stephen Otto suffered mouth cancer in 2000, and has subsequently developed diabetes.

The father of four is now deteriorating rapidly with his kidneys only functioning at five per cent.

His three daughters and one son are all eager to donate their kidneys, but they say it is taking too long to get the process started with the NHS.

The Orpington family believe the only option is for Stephen to have a private kidney transplant – which would cost thousands of pounds.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise the required funds  -

Lucy Otto, 31, told News Shopper they can no longer sit and watch their father’s decline.

She said: "Seeing your loved one deteriorate in front of your eyes when there is a option to potentially save their life is frustrating.

"After persisting down the NHS route and having no luck in getting the process started we have resorted to looking into getting it done privately.

"Unfortunately we also feel we are running out of time so any donation would be greatly appreciated by us all."

Stephen started dialysis treatment today at Kings College hospital.

In 2016 he was told his kidneys were working at just 30 per cent, but the situation worsened in January this year when the family had to call an ambulance after he fell ill on the sofa.

Daughter Lucy added: "Our attempts are falling on deaf ears. We have a loved one deteriorating and the four of us can stop it.

"If we had the money we would be tested tomorrow."