A short sound clip has gone viral and is dividing people on what exactly they can hear, what do you think?

The question is...Yanny of Laurel?

In 2015 a controversial image went viral causing national debate over the colour of a dress.

Some people swore it was blue and black, where others were certain that it was gold and white, this went on for a while and we still are unsure of the truth.

This sound clip is a similar controversy, can you hear Yanny or can you hear the world Laurel?

The audio clip first appeared on Reddit, and seems to be saying a word, but whatever it is, people are furiously in disagreement.

Even celebrities are getting involved. Chrissy Teigen said: “it's so clearly laurel. I can't even figure out how one would hear yanny.”

Ellen Degeneres said: “Literally everything at my show just stopped to see if people hear Laurel or Yanny. I hear Laurel.”

And Stephen King said: “It’s Yanny.”

So… have a listen and tell us what you can hear? 

Use our poll below to decide once and for all.