At least 15 Asda and Sainsbury's superstores across south-east London and north Kent could end up at risk of closure once the two businesses complete their proposed merger.

In April it was announced that Sainsbury’s and Asda were set to merge in a £12 billion deal and Asda bosses have insisted there will be no store closures as a result of the merger.

But David Haywood, founder of Maximise UK, which helpps retailers identify profitable new retail locations, told the BBC that research showed at least 73 supermarkets nationwide could be put at risk of closure.

His data revealed the south east of England and north west would likely be most affected, with at least 17 stores across the south east at risk of being affected.

It has not been officially confirmed which stores will be at risk of closing but Mr Haywood has said it will likely be stores within short driving distance of one another.

He told the BBC: "The real focus will be on how Sainsbury's and Asda's main supermarkets operate at a local level and how they overlap.

"The Competition and Markets Authority will be concerned about whether the deal reduces the number of competing brands within a 10 or 15-minute drive time,"

With this in mind we have put together a map to show you the biggest Sainsburys/Asda overlaps, that are within a 15-minute drive of each other, and therefore could be placed at risk if the merger goes through.

There is no guarantee that any of the stores on this list will be put at risk, and where a Sainsbury's and Asda store do overlap, they would not necessarily both be put at risk of closure:


Deptford High Street

Lewisham, Thurston Road

Charlton, Bugsby Way

Bexleyheath - The Broadway

Bexleyheath - Crook Log

Greenhithe - Crossways Boulevard

Belvedere - Station Road


Lewisham - Lewisham Shopping Centre

New Cross Gate - New Cross Road

Deptford - Burnt Ash Lane

Charlton - Charlton Riverside Place

Crayford - Stadium Way

Bexleyheath - The Broadway

Abbey Wood - Harrow Manor Way 

Dartford - Priory Shopping Centre