A man decided to brighten up a “tatty” part of land beside Beckenham Waitrose after driving by the “unloved” site every day.

Kiran Vaidya, 37, who also lives in Beckenham, wanted to make the land look nicer and to help bees along the way.

News Shopper:

He explained: “It is at the corner of Waitrose in Beckenham. It looked so tatty and unloved. I had a day off work and decided to plant it up.

“I thought it would be really nice if I drove by it from now on to see flowers. I had a day off work so I planted it up.

“It will either make people aware about the problem bee’s face or it will encourage them to maybe buy flowers for their own gardens.”

Kiran became passionate about nature by chance – waking up in the middle of the night on his 33rd birthday with a sudden thought.

“It sounds cliché,” he said. “But I suddenly felt connected to all nature. I understood that from the smallest ant to the creatures in the sea, we are all connected.”

The Beckenham resident started to study the plight of bees before buying lavender plants.

Unintentionally, Kiran became a gardener and is now fully booked up until the third week of June - www.facebook.com/heftysgarden 

He said he has been blown away by the reaction of the Beckenham community to the guerrilla garden.