Nearly one in four children are living in poverty in Bexley, research has shown.

Figures from the London Child Poverty Alliance show 13,437 kids living below the poverty line.

The group defines child poverty as living in a household with less than 60 per cent of contemporary median income.

The London Child Poverty Alliance announced that 24.34  per cent of children in the borough are living below the poverty line.

Across London, the average rate of child poverty is 37 per cent, meaning 700,000 children are currently living in poverty.

London’s overall child poverty rates are the highest of any UK region, though Bexley has one of the lowest rates of poverty in the capital.

A spokesman for the Bexley Council said: “Bexley works hard to prevent children falling into poverty and this determined effort at prevention helps explain why Bexley’s figures are low in comparison with the rest of London.

“Some examples of the work currently taking place in Bexley, across the council and with our partners, includes providing support and advice to families who request and agree to receive early help.

“We have a team of specialist housing officers who assist families in need with tenancy advice, housing options, benefit issues and more.

Bexley has low levels compared to neighbouring boroughs Greenwich and Barking and Dagenham, which have 33.47  and 37.8 per cent respectively.

The spokesman added: “Our employment support service helps low income households find work, increase their working hours, develop new skills or find better paid employment.

“Our above average secondary schools equip our young people with the skills and qualifications to access higher education and employment.”

According to the LCPA, child poverty has increased nationally since the last figures were revealed in 2015.

Earlier this year the Trades Union Congers found an increase of 1 million more children in working households living in poverty than in 2010, blaming cuts to benefits and public sector pay freezes.