The owner of a cockapoo has said her puppy is “lucky to be alive” after running away from its new walker.

Kitty is a 10-month-old cockapoo who was trying to run back home after her unsatisfactory walk in Harvington Sports Ground.

The fast puppy ran off to Eden Park Avenue - dangerously close to busy traffic on Friday (May 10).

After a 15-minute traffic standstill – Kitty was eventually wrestled to the floor before being returned to the dog walker who reattached her lead.

Owner of the puppy, Madeleine Hay, 39, said she was given a full run down of what happened from the dog walker.

She told News Shopper: “She ran away from the woods in Harvington before somehow getting to Eden Park Avenue.

“I don’t know how people thought so quickly but two people parked across the road to block traffic.

“Kitty was in the middle of the road running around. Nobody could catch her. Luckily someone managed to rugby tackle her to the ground after 15 minutes.

“I was so grateful. It was so so nice of them. Many people in Beckenham love dogs. Kitty is lucky to be alive.

"I'm sorry for all the cars who had to wait!"

Despite the chaotic experience - Kitty will soon return to Harvington with her new walker.