A cheeky pub sign has provoked controversy on social media.

One passerby photographed the sign outside the Greater Than Gatsby bar in Bromley High Street this week.

The sign reads: "Dress code: Smart, casual and glamorous - make an effort you're out for drinks. Guys, no hats or hoddies, come on, you're not 12. If we are empty, please do come in, our bar staff don't bite."

As well as publishing its opening times, the pub's poster ends with: "P.s George wanted me to put something like we (are) a classy cocktail bar with a relaxed twist etc etc but I couldn't be bothered. Just come in and make your own mind up."

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People took to social media to express their take on the bold sign.

One wrote: "Perfect for a disabled, OAP like me, freedom pass in one hand, fag in the other. I'm on me way!"

Another person said: "Awww, I think that's kinda sweet."

Someone else quipped: "No Hats? I might show up with a top hat and monocle and call the barman 'my good man'... I reckon they'll let me in."

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One angry punter said: "No hoddies? Middle class discrimination against manual labourers, disgusting."

What is your opinion on the audacious sign? Let us know in the comments.