The anticipated ‘To Catch A Cat Killer’ has finally been released on VICE, which looked into the mutilations of over 300 animals.

Filmmakers have followed the two members of South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), Boudicca Rising and Tony Jenkins, since 2016 as the pair investigated what became infamously known as the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’.

VICE spoke to Veterinarian Dean Lewis, who believes more than one person is responsible for the murdered cats.

He said in the documentary: “All the animals have died of blunt force trauma. Most of the animals have been decapitated and most of them have had amputations.

“However, the nature of how they have been carried out as fluctuated wildly. With the tail amputations some of it has been done very skilfully.

“Others been crushed and cut quite crudely. I do not believe you can attribute every single cat that has been presented to me and all the other vets to one person.”

Experts from the Goldsmiths’ Forensic Physiology Unit also hinted that we may be “missing other parts of the puzzle”.

Despite this, Boudicca told News Shopper that she believes a single person is responsible.

She acknowledged the vet’s statement that some amputations fluctuated – but she stressed that “there will be a big difference in doing something by torch light and something by electric light”.

However, she added: “We keep an open mind. Investigation is as much about disproving your own theories as it is about anything else.”

In the documentary - the couple revealed how they almost broke up as the stress of travelling to horrific crime scenes became overwhelming.

But the pair said they were determined to catch the “motherf*****” responsible for the deaths.

One of the more distressing things we learned was that the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’ sometimes returns to the crime scene, often a person’s garden, to leave behind a severed body part.

Boudicca said that since the release of the documentary – people have realised the true extent of the horror.

She explained: “I think people didn't really understand the extent of our involvement in the investigation until they saw it and I think people didn't realise how grim and awful the case was.

“So that has been an eye opener for anyone not directly involved.

“We made the documentary in order to get the word out to a wider audience and we hope that this now happens.”

On a softer note – the love SNARL have for cats was demonstrated – with Tony owning 18 and Boudicca owning 14.

At one point in the documentary, Tony said: “It is never just another body for us.”

Boudicca added to News Shopper: "We are not stopping until he is caught. Or they!"