A daring family man from Orpington is aiming to travel on a perilous journey to a place where nobody has ever been.

Jhy Turley, 38, is among a group of explorers attempting to reach the ‘Northern Pole of Inaccessibility’ in February 2019.

The group of 28, led by accomplished explorer, Jim McNeill, will have to endure freezing cold temperatures and polar bears during the 800 mile trip across sea and ice.

It is known as the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean and it is the last significant place in the Polar Regions yet to be reached by mankind.

Jhy, husband to Tracy and dad to boys Ethan (six) and Jackson (three), is a designer and studio manager for an advertising company.

He told News Shopper about what his family think about his ambitious trip.

“A lot of people ask me 'has Tracy agreed to this?'" he laughed.

“We had a conversation before I signed up. We have a very strong relationship and is really supportive.

“She is obviously worried because it is a dangerous environment, but she understands it is a once in a lifetime.”

Jhy signed up for the Royal Navy when he was 18 as a mechanical engineer before having to step down because of his asthma.

He then completed a design course, which he says was more suited to his personality.

The Wieden+Kennedy designer has previously been on treks through Nepal and California.

A fascination for exploration was inspired when Jhy read one of his father’s books, Beyond the Limits by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Asked about his emotions ahead of next year’s trip – he said: “Every now and again I think 'what if', because I have a young family and a wife.

“I am under no illusions of how incredibly dangerous an environment it is. But we will be trained for things that may happen and we will deal with it.”

Scientific data will be collected for NASA along the way.

More information about the expedition can be found here https://spark.adobe.com/page/q0tJq/