A proposed new cycling route that could lead to Orpington station has sparked "uproar" among residents.

The plans for the cycle route from Locksbottom to Orpington station have been consulted on since last year.

A cycling facility in Crofton Road would be built if the proposal becomes a reality.

However, the Crofton Residents Association, which caters for more than 2,000 households, is against the proposed path.

It held its annual meeting this week (April 30) where the cycle path was discussed.

A spokesman told News Shopper: “Our view is that it would be better to spend £70,000 a year filling up potholes, which cause more damage to cyclists.

“People are concerned the cycle path will remove a lot of the greenery on Crofton Road, which protects the surrounding houses from light, noise and fumes.

“It is dangerous because it is right beside people’s front gates.”

An elderly resident, who lives in Gumping Road, told News Shopper the proposed path will lead to accidents.

She said: “The cycle lane will be in a very dangerous position and it will be impossible to see left or right onto the kerb.

“People could run out from their homes into a cyclist.

“Mothers go to nursery with kids and students will be going to school - there will be a terrible accident on Crofton Road.

“Everyone is in uproar over it.”

Richard Gibbons, a committee member for Bromley Cyclists, told News Shopper he welcomed the plans.

He said: “The route has been quite controversial. We wouldn’t have chosen that exact route. 

“Overall we are in favour of it because we support cycling schemes that make it safer to cycle to schools, shops and stations.

"If we had been involved in the consultation from the outset we could have ironed out some issues.
“The greater concern is the access to cyclists around the immediate vicinity of Orpington station.” 

In a Bromley Council 'statement of executive decision' last year, the reasons for the cycling proposal were outlined.

The statement read: “As part of a long-term plan to develop a network of local cycling and walking routes enabling modal shift to reduce congestion, proposals have been developed to improve conditions for cycling and walking in and around Orpington.

“Once completed, the proposals will provide safe cycle routes linking Orpington to Locksbottom, Green Street Green, Petts Wood and St Mary Cray as well as onwards to Bomley and Beckenham via the Quietway network.”