A Beckenham man has expressed his fury at being splashed by drivers who deliberately "swerved" to hit a puddle this morning.

George Macnally was walking to the bank before disaster struck twice in quick succession.

The 44-year-old said he was “soaked from top to bottom” after two drivers made a “beeline” in his direction to splash him with a puddle.

“I am so annoyed,” he told News Shopper. “I put fresh clothes on and I was on the way to the bank when some arsehole got me.

“He dangerously swerved to the kerb to get me. I am fuming, it is just my luck.”

Five minutes after his drenching in Southend Lane, Beckenham, he was splashed for a second time outside Marks and Spencer.

George, who lives nearby, added: “I was going mental. I had to go home because I am not walking around like that.

“My mum thought it was funny, mind. It was embarrassing. Loads of people saw it and were tooting.”

After calming down, George said he understood the funny side, but he warned drivers about who they were targeting.

He said: “It was entertaining, but at the same time it could have been someone who was dressed for an interview or an elderly person.

“Just be mindful how you are driving, because you don’t know what situation other people are in. And it is dangerous for everyone involved.”

George added: "I see a lot of this going on around Southend Lane, drivers just can’t seem to help it.”

Despite the annoying but seemingly minor nature of the incident, drivers can actually be fined up to £5,000 for splashing a pedestrian and could see between three and nine penalty points added to their licence.