Half of Lewisham Councillors did not formally submit a question in the last four years of full council meetings, council records reveal.

But the research, undertaken by the Liberal Democrats, has been called “political game-playing” by Lewisham Labour mayoral candidate Damien Egan, who said councillors often directly asked questions.

Lewisham Council’s record of meetings since the last Mayor and councillor ward elections in May 2014 show 22 ward councillors have not formally submitted a question at full council meetings.

Only two questions were asked at a full council meeting in January this year, according to the Liberal Democrats.

Council records also show members of the public asked 545 questions at full council meetings since May 2014.

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Chris Maines said this showed “complacency” from councillors.

“With half of Labour backbench councillors failing to even ask a single question in the last four years it is clear they are failing to serve their constituents,” he said.

“In Lewisham we live in a one party state, leading to complacency and bad decisions being made, such as the decision to destroy Tidemill Community Park, or the failure to ensure Lewisham town centre meets the needs of local residents.

“Ward councillors should stand up for their constituents, champion their community and ensure the powerful executive Mayor of Lewisham is held to account.

But Damien Egan said councillors ask “thousands” of questions.

“This is deeply-misleading political game-playing by the Lib Dems. They are talking about questions formally submitted in public as a letter, this is becoming increasingly outdated. Lewisham’s Labour Councillors ask thousands of questions by email and directly,” he told the News Shopper.

“Furthermore, Labour Councillors have worked hard over the last four years in the face of massive Government cuts to our funding. Every single Councillor has been involved in scrutinising the work of the Mayor and the Council in detail in committees, and in engaging with their communities.

“The voters of Lewisham will not forget that the massive cuts that our community has faced – cuts to the Council, cuts to our NHS, and cuts to support for the most vulnerable – were only made possible because of the Lib Dems supporting Tory austerity. This election is the chance for local people to send a message to this Government that we reject their failed austerity,” he said.