A new study has indicated that the chance of getting mugged in Bromley compared to other areas of the UK is slim because of the number of street lights.

The research carried out by LEDHut examined the correlation between the number of street lights in a city to the number of reported muggings.

Out of the 20 studied areas – Bromley had the lowest rates of muggings and had one street light for every 12 people.

Manchester had the highest rates of muggings, and only had one lamppost for every 46 people.

According to the figures gathered on UKCrimeStats – there is one mugging for every 2,999 people in Bromley, compared to one for every 684 people in Liverpool.

Paul Garner, marketing director at LEDHut said: “It seems clear that there’s a reason people worry about stepping out into a badly lit street at night.

“While adding more street lights may not be eco-friendly, we’re happy to see more councils adopt LED street lighting which is both more energy efficient and instils safety in pedestrians.”

Number of muggings in 2017:

Bromley – 109

Stoke – 97

Swansea – 180

Bradford – 455

Leicester – 524

Leeds – 2012

Croydon – 471

Cardiff – 661

Liverpool – 661

Manchester - 4030