An action group said users have been “mystified” over plans to relocate Sidcup Library to the old Blockbuster site.

At a council meeting on Wednesday, Noel Lake, spokesman for Sidcup Library Action Group, questioned the plan to move the borough’s second busiest library to a busy junction on the high street.

Bexley Council is considering moving the facility to be co-located with a new cinema in the empty Blockbuster unit, leaving the library site free to be developed.

Mr Lake said: “The existing site is perfect for community use. The intention to move has not been taken with full thought for the consequences of users of the library.

“It’s a purpose-built library. It’s provided a useful community facility that is more important now that the pop-in-parlour across the road has been closed.

“The site it might be moved to is on a very busy corner, not suitable for access for parents with children or groups of school children. This is a noisy environment, and a more polluted environment.”

“No question, people are excited about the cinema. But they are generally mystified about why there would be a move to the library.”

Cllr Peter Craske questioned Mr Lake, and pointed out that Crayford Library, which has a co-location with the post office, has had an increase in popularity.

“While you and some people may be mystified, many people are in favour of it. Many people think moving the library is an excellent idea, by giving it a prime location on the high street enhancing its long-term future.”

A petition against the change has been backed by 300 people.

Cllr Eileen Pallen said: “The proposed new library would offer the same services but would be able to open longer in the evening, so people can use it a more accessible time.”

Mr Lake said the current library should be opened longer, but said residents would work with the council if more information and a consultation on the move was provide.