A historic pub in Woolwich where two people died following an IRA bombing is set to be bulldozed by developers.

Councillors are set to give the go-ahead for developers to bulldoze the empty Kings Arms in Frances Street in place of a block of 19 flats and a new boozer.

The Kings Arms – which has been described as an “eyesore” – was targeted in 1974.

A bomb was thrown through the window, killing a gunner from the Royal Artillery and a sales clerk.

Nobody was ever prosecuted for the attack that injured a total 35 people, although the IRA took credit for the damage.

Greenwich Council approved a similar plan in 2015 to knock the pub down for flats, on the condition that plaque to the old pub would be installed in its replacement.

Developers have come back now, asking to build even more flats – including a couple of affordable units –  over four and five storeys.

The Greenwich Conversion Group objected to the plans because of how high the building would be, and the impact it might have on nearby heritage assets.

One supporter however said there was no need for a replacement boozer – and the developers should build a community centre instead.

The majority of the flats are two bedroom, and there are plans for nine parking spaces.

Councillors are set to give this revised scheme the green light at a meeting tomorrow night, April 17.