A new independent pub in Eltham is receiving rave reviews from residents after it opened last Friday (April 13).

The Rusty Bucket opened at the site of the old Crown pub, just off Eltham High Street on Court Yard, which had closed a few years ago.

The Crown had a bit of a reputation amongst the people of Eltham. Reviews online described it as being “one of Eltham’s less agreeable establishments” and that “an air of menace lingers”.

Other people on Facebook, when talking about their memories of the old drinking ground, were less flowery with their language and referred to it simply as “a sh*thole”.

“We have had plenty of warnings of people who said it had a dodgy reputation before”, said Rachel Lagzada, one of the owners of the Rusty Bucket.

“I have always have worked in the pub trade. I have worked in enough dodgy pubs to be able to deal with any issues.”

The Rusty Bucket is aiming to be a different kind of establishment, with a focus on being a community pub where people can request their own beers.

Rachel said: “We are stocking independent brewery and smaller brewers’ beers. We are totally independent so we can buy whatever we like.

“If people like a beer they can tell us and we can bring it back. We are trying to be a more community focused pub.

“You can’t walk into an Antic or a Greene King pub and say can you bring in this one beer I like.”