Pressure over a “toxic port” in Greenwich is mounting as cabinet members and opposition councillors publicly back a fresh campaign.

The No Toxic Cruise Port for London kickstarted the debate over a cruise liner being installed at Enderby Wharf.

Campaigners say cruise ships should plug in to on shore power when docking at the port, instead of powering themselves and potentially emitting toxic pollutants.

Plans for Enderby Wharf, now called Maritime View and situated in Christchurch Way, have caused headaches for years – with one campaign against it going as far as the High Court.

Cabinet member housing and anti-poverty, Averil Lekau, came out in support of the community lead campaign.

She tweeted: “The time has come for us to listen to our residents and say plug in or ship out. This is a low emission zone.”

Matthew Pennycook, MP, has publicly backed the campaign and now opposition councillors have also come out in support.

Councillor Matt Hartley, leader of Greenwich Conservatives, said: “It is undeniable that the Cruise Liner Terminal would bring massive economic benefits to Greenwich – and on its own, this would be extremely welcome.

“The current plans, however, present an unacceptable risk to air quality – as do other developments that Labour councillors have supported, including IKEA on the Peninsula and the Labour Mayor’s ULEZ expansion to the South Circular, which risks increasing pollution along a huge swathe of the borough.”

Laura Eyres, one organiser of East Greenwich Residents Association, and co-organiser of this new campaign, said: “Political will has to be there in order to bring about change and it’s good to see the campaign getting so much political good will but this has to translate into actions.

“We were really pleased with what the Conservatives said, they have always opposed the plans but this is the first time they have backed the petition.

“We have every party supporting us on this and the only people who aren’t shifting is the leadership of Greenwich council.”

Activists say that one medium sized cruise ship would emit the same amount of diesel fumes as 688 lorries.

Greenwich Council said its position remains unchanged.

A spokesman said: “spokesman for Greenwich Council said: “We know that a number of local people feel passionately about Enderby Wharf.

“We have always sought to listen to their opinions at all times and will ensure that the conditions and obligations put in place by the planning board are honoured by the developer.”