Brits are throwing away billions of pounds worth of food every year that could be eaten, so how can we reduce food waste.

The main problem we have in the UK is that we buy too much food or we make too much that we don’t get through and don’t freeze.

The Food Standards Agency says that in the UK, we throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink every year.

Recycle for London say the food waste is costing a family of four over £700 a year, that’s £60 a month you are putting in the bin.

So how can we reduce food waste?

1. Meal Planning

If you sit down on a Sunday for 10 minutes with the whole family and plan your meals, it will make it easier to not buy what you don’t need. Plan big family meals and work out exactly how much you will need. You could even make soup over the weekend to take to work with any leftovers you have in the fridge.

2. Shopping Lists

Make a very in-depth, detailed shopping list and don’t get taken in with deals you don’t need. Seriously, just cause a cake is 50p less does not mean it’s worth going rogue on the shopping list for. Necessity is the mother of invention and deals are not usually as good as they seem.

3. Freeze it, don’t throw it.

Just because you have made too much chili doesn’t mean it should just sit in the fridge. No, you don’t have to eat chili everyday for a week. Separate it into individual portions and put it in the freezer. Don’t freeze it in a big batch because the effort of defrosting it will probably put you off before you have ever started.

4. Compost heap

If you are going to throw food away, create a compost heap. This is good for your garden and means it’s not going to go to a landfill, it’s going to put nutrients onto your land.

5. Make friends with the green grocer.

In 2018 the idea of a greengrocer can probably sound a bit ridiculous, but your local grocer could be your best friend. So, do not dismiss them. You can see exactly what and how much you are buying and they can give you amazing tips on what to do with leftover veg.