A couple from Bromley have spoken of the scare of being attacked by a "young man" in broad-daylight.

Nicki Colby, 46, and Derek Sutton, 55, say they were assaulted on March 29 by a stranger.

“We came out of Bromley train station and walked towards The Glades,” Nicki told News Shopper.

“A kid crossed the road and I was pushed. He started screeching at me, everyone heard him. He called me mentally ill, a liar and a c***.

“It was so out of the blue. We have never seen him in our lives. We begged him to please leave us alone.”

Moments later, as the couple turned onto Station Road beside the taxi rank – the situation darkened.

Derek pleaded for help after the young man punched him in the face after following them.

Nicki, who had to hide behind a bush to "avoid a similar beating", added: “I saw him pull Derek down and punch him in the face. The next thing he is lying there unconscious.

“I cried out for help but the public ignored me. An elderly couple tried to help and I rang the police and ambulance.”

Derek was taken to hospital, but said no tests were done on him.

On Easter Sunday he collapsed after feeling dizzy and was again rushed to A&E.

He told News Shopper: “To tell you the truth I have not been well since. I have dizzy spells and I don’t know what is causing it.”

The couple are unhappy with police for not finding CCTV footage of the attacker.

Nicki said: “You would think there would be close up shots of the guy on Bromley High Street.

“We are not happy. The guy is going to keep getting away with it. We are now concerned he will come back. We feel a bit let down.”

A police spokesman said: “Officers have carried out a number of enquiries, including reviewing local CCTV footage, but have been unable to identify the suspect.

"On Tuesday (April 3) police received an alleged sighting of the suspect on Bromley High Street but upon police arrival, there was no trace.

"The victims have been kept updated on the investigation. Officers would appeal for anyone with information regarding the assault to contact them via 101."