An angry resident in Orpington says it is "not fair" that bus routes keep being diverted.

The problem is on Amherst Drive as cars, which are not parked illegally, obstruct buses and lorries.

A Transport for London spokesman told News Shopper: "This is causing disruption and causing the R3 route buses to divert repeatedly, we are working closely with Bromley Council as they are the highway authority to find a solution to the parking disruption."

Local worker, Robert Brogden, told News Shopper buses are diverted "all the time".

He said: "When people park outside their homes it is fine, but when someone park opposite there is only a small gap. Buses and lorries can’t get by. Police came down yesterday. They said it was not illegal to park there but it should be.

"I’ve seen old people standing outside their house waiting on their bus. I have to explain that the buses can't come down. They say 'oh no not again'. It is not fair."