Sometimes it can be really sad to watch your child when they are poorly and have no energy to do anything. Here are some ideas on how to cheer them up.

First of all, a poorly child will suddenly have bursts of energy, but it’s really important not to let them do too much. Rest is essential for a poorly little one and you don’t want them getting worse.

Vicks has given some advice on keeping your child happy.


Children with a fever usually feel better after the bath, so if they are up for it then this is a good way to help them nap or sleep better.

Care for a sick toy

If you pretend one of your children’s favourite toys are unwell too, it will make them feel less alone and also give them a challenge to look after them. It’s great to take their mind off any aches and pains.

Go Camping

This is a great one if they have been on the sofa for a couple of days. Build a fort or tent in the living room and fill it with duvets and pillows. Put on lots of lovely films and let them chill out. This will do them a world of good.

Make a sick day tool kit

Get a bin or a basket and fill it with your little ones favourite things. Books, magazines, toys, puzzles and colouring books.

Play Post Office

Remember that sick toy? Get lots of paper and pens and get your child to write the toy a get well soon card, it will keep them occupied and then “send” the letter for them.

Show Off

If you have the time, and the imagination, you could create a puppet show for your unwell child or read to them.

Simon Says

If you are happy to make a fool of yourself for the sake of your child then let them tell you what to do for 15 minutes. They will find it funny and that is the best medicine.