Chris Aked, a professional golfer, passed away in September 2017 when his baby daughter was just eight months old. 

His 32-year-old wife, Kirsty, also from Orpington, is now running in both the Brighton and London marathons in his memory.

Chris died five months after being diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

Since then Kirsty has set up The Chris Aked Foundation, which offers children support after a family member is diagnosed.

Kirsty has already helped raise £40,000 for the newly registered charity.

She told News Shopper: “It has really taken off. Obviously it is a heart-breaking story, it hits home to anyone with kids.

“People appreciate there is a gap in support when kids have parents who are ill. There are lots of bereavement charities, but there is a gap for children who have an ill parent.”

On Sunday (April 15) Kirsty will run in the Brighton Marathon – two years after she ran it with Chris.

She said: “I don’t want to start crying when I see everyone as I run. Brighton is going to mean a lot. It will be the emotional one, but I am excited.”

The mum of one-year-old Freya described her husband as “the most determined person through is illness”.

She added: “Early diagnosis is key to survival and we need to encourage GPs to take symptoms seriously, even when the patient is a young person who they may not expect to have cancer. To discount those symptoms is to put lives at risk.”

One week after Brighton’s run, Kirsty will challenge herself with the London Marathon (April 22).

She said her family think she is “a bit nuts” but added that everyone has been supportive.

The Orpington Road Runner member said running gives her a mental outlet from a busy schedule.

To support or keep up to date with The Chris Aked Foundation, you can visit the website here

Remembering her husband, Kirsty said: "He was a really nice and kind person. People liked him as soon as they met him. He always looked to better himself and wanted to help other people."

Here is the JustGiving link