Revised plans to build a block of flats towering over rare species of bees have not created a buzz with wildlife enthusiasts and campaigners.

The next phase of on-going developments for Peartree Way were submitted to the council last month by Greenwich Millennium Village, which proposes a 13-storey tower next to precious marshland.

A petition, launched by Annie Mitchell, who lives overlooking the park and is a part of Friends of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park, is nearing 1,000 signatures as deadline for objections edges closer.

Mrs Mitchell said: “It is a really important asset for the community. We have a number of rare species here, birds and bees, and thankfully we are not the only people who are against these plans.

“The shadows the new towers would cause would cool the ground and change the habitats. This is a beautifully designed area perfect for the animals here as it is. It would change the bio-diversity of the park forever.”

In 2016, a rare species of bee was discovered in the small park – the Viper’s Bugloss Mason Bee – which aren’t thought to be anywhere else in the country than the converted brownfield site in Greenwich.

Concerns have been raised about the height and density of the tower, as well as the impact the shadow might have on the animals living next door.

Mrs Mitchell said: “The Park is hugely popular, and I see it used by nurseries, and schools, and by wildlife enthusiasts who travel miles to see rare birds or insects. The tower will make a walk through the park a darker experience.”

Original plans put to the public included a 20 storey tower and 90 new homes – which following a consultation – has been lowered in size and number to 66 homes.

Daniel Garrun, a Green candidate for the peninsula ward in the upcoming election, said: “Tall tower blocks will shut out the sun creating a dead zone in winter and stunt growth over summer.

“Open parks like this suck up pollution, and there is a lot of pollution in that area. There will be even more pollution when the cars start arriving for the new IKEA.

“The ecology park is the jewel of the peninsula, it must be protected and so we’re asking the council to reject the application for a tall building at plot 201 and indeed commit to rejecting all buildings tall enough to create a shadow over the whole ecology park area.”

A spokesman for developers Greenwich Millennium Village Limited said: “We undertook a wide-ranging consultation in 2017 for the detailed design of plot 201; a 20-storey tower already approved as part of the Greenwich Millennium Village masterplan.

“In response to comments from local residents, the council and ecology park campaigners, an extensive re-design was undertaken, significantly reducing the building in height and massing. These changes, presented in February 2018, were received much more positively.

“Having revised the plans, it is important to balance the loss of new homes with the impact on the ecology park which we understand is important. We will continue to work with all interested parties to ensure the successful delivery of this project.”